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Contest: Pets
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2018-01-13 23:57:25
OK, so there are some changes coming soon, as I am currently working with a test server, preparing to upgrade this site to run on the latest LOTGD engine, 1.1.2 - currently we run 1.1.0.

One of the things I have changed on the test server which will happen here is a different setup for pets (not Mounts, but Pets)

Looking for some new pets to add, mostly, what I am looking for are MYTHICAL pets, for example, the Phoenix and Chimera we have here would be considered mythical.

Ten Valor tokens are awarded to any player that submits a valid entry...up to four entries per player. You are welcome to do more for free if you wish! And I have already created and tested a Raven, which will be a new pet, when the upgrade happens here.

Here is what is needed to submit entries, and please do it via Petition...

I need the name, with color codes

A short description for the pet shop (e.g. "An exotic and dangerous tiger.")
Special messages for each of the following: New Day, Village, Garden, and Battle. Examples below

New Day: With a yawn, your pet greets the new day

Village: Terrified of your tiger, villagers scramble to get out of the way as you stroll through town.

Garden: Your tiger goes off to hunt small animals

Battle: With a roar, your tiger launches into battle.

By the way...with the new pets module, there will be a daily upkeep, as current, and the ability to feed, as currently. There will also be the ability to have a "checkup" which is like feeding your pet. So some different things will be coming when everything is fully tested.

Tournament Will Be Reset 1/10
Ice Goddess Melanie2018-01-09 18:12:16
We have at this time, all players recently active who are in the contest...with all fifteen levels completed.

There are three players in the contest with 1 or 2 levels done, and who have not been active in several days. Thus, I afford one additional day for them to complete their levels if they wish before Tournament is reset.

Fun Little Contest...
Ice Goddess Melanie2018-01-06 07:02:09
I am now at 340 Dragon Kills. I have had 190 Resurrections since I began. I will take guesses as to how many DK's I will have when I hit my 200th resurrection. The winner gets ten valor tokens. Petition your guesses.

Tournament Reset
Ice Goddess Melanie2017-12-31 23:07:01
I have reset the Tournament. At this point, everyone in it...has either completed all fifteen levels...or mathematically cannot get into the top three spots.

So, the Tournament is now reset.

Tournament Will Be Reset
Ice Goddess Melanie2017-12-27 23:24:32
Please finish levels by Wednesday 12/27 at 5PM EST. After that, the Tournament will be reset.

UPDATE: Tournament is now reset. There were some VERY good scores this time, our third place winner, in almost any other Tournament, might have been a first place winner!

From now on, Tournaments will rest on the following:

1. Fourteen days after starting.
2. If seven or more players have finished all fifteen levels, and nobody else is still pending levels...or not pending enough levels for them to be able to move into the top three.

I encourage everyone to join up, the cost is minimal, the prizes good, and everyone has an equal chance of winning.

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