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ON Pace for Approximate Aug 1 Closing
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2018-07-22 02:01:47
We are still on pace in the BETA test for an Aug 1 closing of this site, and opening of the new site...

BETA Is Beginning
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2018-07-01 18:12:22
A few people will get emails shortly, indicating how to coordinate to set up your BETA character.

Because the site needs to remain closed to general public I have to coordinate creation of new characters at the moment.

More Progress!!
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2018-06-29 03:21:07
Today, the new site went live. It is no longer JUST on my test server. However, it is still in ttsting, so closed to character creation at the moment. A few things to test and complete and the short BETA test time will begin.

I anticipate being on schedule, and having that site fully open, and this one fully closed, by August 1.

The new site is LIGHTNING FAST!!!

Much much faster than this site loads! I thinkj eberyone here will very much enjoy the new site.

eanwhile, continue playing here. All characters here WILL have to re-start from zero DK...but will be compensated in other ways.

There is too much different between this site and the new (even though it may look similar) in order to accommodate direct stat transfers.

As always, thanks for continued support for this site, almost twelve years online!!

The new site is set six hundred years in the future from this site.

OK...Getting Closer...
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2018-06-24 03:55:03
A few things left to test, this is taking a bit longer than I had thought...but the new site is coming.

Notice To ALL Players Residing in the EU (European Union)
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2018-05-31 08:06:50
Not that it will matter much longer, as this site is to be replaced, BUT....due to new laws (GDPR) enacted in the EU concerning data privacy, the following disclosures are made:

1. This site does use cookies. It is necessary for the operation of the game.

2. This site does store personal information for the purposes of gameplay only. Without this data, your character and its progress could not be recorded.

3. This site does contain links to third-party sites. We are not able to control their compliance with GDPR laws.

4. This site does not, at this time, allow for Character Restoration...when a character is deleted, all personal information about that player is likewise destroyed and cannot be recovered.

5. Any player residing in the EU who does not agree to have their data stored and used for the legitimate purposes of gameplay on this site should contact Administrators and we will delete your character and all personal data.

6. We do not disseminate any personal information to any third parties for any reason beyond the legitimate purposes of this game. and we do not ever sell your information.

7. Continued use of this site by players residing in the EU gives implied consent to use player data in the manner above described, for the purposes above described, and agrees to hold site operators harmless from any and all liability arising out of these new laws.

8. Again, if you reside in the EU, and are thus covered under these laws, and do not agree to ALL of the above, contact site Admins for immediate character deletion, along with deletion of all personal data maintained by this site.

MoTD Archives:

> <CHRYS> 3000Gold Wolfsbanewillow says, "On another game I saw divine powers as specialty. Angels' song and divine wrat are 2 spells used in this; I'll try to mail you the rest."
> <CHRYS> 3000Gold Wolfsbanewillow says, "What about flower tatoos or herb tatoos? I was thinking of a garden for herbology greenhouses, simular to the fruit orchard but someone who want to be a healer could study healing skills."
> <CHRYS> 3000Gold Wolfsbanewillow says, "Healers need to study herbology etc. so need to know which flowers and herbs can be used for this. tatoos function as a "current status" of the study memory; tatoo changes after finishing studylevel."
> <CHRYS> 3000Gold Wolfsbanewillow says, "If healer has finished all study levels, he or she will get a permanent tatoo depicting Asclepios cane with snakes (symbol you find on apothecaries)."
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